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What Patients say about Dr. Shushanne

Dr. Shushanne Wynter-Minott has over 20 years of Healthcare Experience

It was 2012 when Shushanne and I walked into each other's life. Two weeks prior I had a massive brain bleed that left me on deaths door. After years of drug and alcohol abuse, weighing a whopping 235 pounds, and living a not so healthy lifestyle words cannot describe, I had finally met my match and needed help. During my multiple hospital admissions in the wake of my brain bleed, I was diagnosed with type2 diabetes, another health issue to tend to in the months to come.

Enter Shushanne, a Nurse Practitioner with all the skills and knowledge, not to mention a bedside manner you could only pray for. I've never been much for doctors, only seeing them when I wasn't feeling well. Shushanne was different, as her welcoming handshake was firm, confident, and reassuring. Shushanne's care and compassion was evident as she unselfishly spent the next hour listening to me reveal the sins of my past that led me to her office.

It's been four years now, my health has vastly improved much to the amazement of everyone, everyone but Shushanne.
Today I am a new man! With Shushanne's guidance and her personal concern for my well being, I have transformed myself into what she calls her "poster child." having shed more than eighty pounds with a healthy diet and daily exercise. Following Shushanne's advice in cleaning my life up, I'm no longer diabetic! Gone are the days of insulin injections, and vodka and hello to a healthier today! I don't know where I would be if I hadn't walked in Shushanne's office that day. Her compassion, kindness and a good ear to bend was what I needed. Without her there to praise me when I was good or scold me when I was bad is a testament to her belief, that getting to know the patient rather than just seeing the patient, is best for a healthier life.

You can surely understand now, why Shushanne is such an important person in my life. Today that firm, confident, reassuring handshake, has turned into hugs of love and thanks!
Thank you, Shushanne!
The Renaissance Man Testimony
Pardon typos and misspellings I'm an artist not a writer

I was a patient of Shushanne for years and I know then that each time I'll see her I'll get the best plan of care from her. Apart from her knowledge of my disease she adds a personal and loving touch to the care of her patients. She is genuine, sincere and transparent. I am what I am health wise because of her fighting spirit !! We need a few more Shushanne in this world.
May Dela-Cruz (M.D)

September 29, 2016

To whom it may concern,

In the day and age of managed health care and insurance companies attempting to control everything about our medical care Shushanne Wynter-Minott, DNP, ARNP-BC is truly a breath of fresh air.

The care that NP, Shushanne Wynter-Minott provides is exemplary. We have had a chronic condition for many years and the wonderful NP knows and remembers everything about us. Her skills are exceptional but just as importantly she cares. We have never been rushed, never felt that our problems were minimized and she always cared for our whole being, body and mind.

It is no surprise to us as NP, Shushanne Wynter-Minott starts her own practice, she does so because she wants to practice patient first care. A practice that affords her patients the services that will result in their best possible health.

We wish her the very best and thank her from the bottom of our hearts.


Denise Harrity
John Harrity

Ms. Wynter-Minott is very efficient at her job, pleasant, a good listener, and very knowledgeable with health issues and medicine. She is very respectful to her patients and a good motivator. I am pleased to recommend to recommend her.
Veronica Lindsay, MA in Liberal Arts, BSW

Shushanne Wynter-Minott is a whole and complete human 100, therefore I love, respect and admire her as a person and as a true profesional and devoted nurse practitioner. In my many years as a patient of Shushanne, my experiences have been excepcional. Shushanne discovered a Parathyroid tumor which no doctor could see and which caused me many health issues until it was successfully removed. Shushanne addressed my "red flags" with devotional care, giving me plenty of time, being honest and loving. My experience with Shushanne is unforgettable because Shushanne is the best.

Olga Hauser, Weston Florida

Ms. Wynter-Minott is a gift from God. She has the true calling for the medical profession.  As a DNP she has the passion to really treat each patient as a individual. God has truly touched her hands. There were times when she would just look at us and know what was wrong before we could tell her how we were feeling. She listens to you and gives you the right diagnosis, and treatment. She is a compassionate caregiver, who is a breath of fresh air in her field. We always said, we would love to find a health care provider who would give the care like our Veterinarian gives to our pets, well we sure found it in Shushanne.  We highly recommend her to anyone who needs home health care. We love you, Shushanne.

Fran Marino & Georgianna George